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Zoe Quinn

Well, it looks like Zoe Quinn wasn't getting enough attention lately (people who actually don't create anything worthwhile in the world often have this problem) and decided that she needed to find herself some victimhood to become important again. Which meant finding a person to destroy while her toadies and sycophants worshiped her bravery. The fellow she destroyed killed himself. You know... anyone with any understanding of human nature watched her during the early gamer-gate times and what they saw is someone who was self-aggrandizing to the extent that anyone working on inclusion and social justice who didn't *go through her first* was put on the list for destruction. She was like the mafia don and you had to go to her first and get her blessing or she'd find some fault in your program to promote women and your plans to support trans people and she'd sic her mob on you. She suffered no competition in her supreme righteousness.

The Other Guys

There was a couple of items in the news lately where someone who was a zealous woke warrior ended up on the wrong side of accusations which required apologies and even a demotion for something which the fellow (I did look, several times) never actually said. And I always sort of wonder how disorienting and confusing that must be.
I've got a problem. I can't make a comic about this because I can't make my earnest woke girl into someone that no one would like. Even if she's wrong, her heart is in the right place. So tell me how I'd make a comic about YET ANOTHER elected Democrat making (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) calls to target people personally AT THEIR HOMES? Because that's standard these days... protesting at someone's home. Making the threats personal. And I have to ask... have any DEMOCRAT representatives been put in a hospital? Any? Permanently lost part of a lung? Become crippled from a gun shot wound? Also, to Castro...   "Brown-skinned immigrants" are afraid because YOU TOLD THEM TO BE.

Code Talking

People almost always say what they mean. We've got people today that believe that half the country believes horrible, horrific, and evil things, half... and this half *still* bothers to speak in code, to hide what they really think? Why would anyone do that? You're going to be called a racist no matter what you do. Nazi even. You're going to be accused of wanting anyone you disapprove of to die, because disapproval is the same thing as wanting people to die. So why would anyone fake it? Why would anyone bother to fake it? They wouldn't. Someone introduced me to the "genetic fallacy." Genetic refers to the source, and the fallacy is in interpreting anything and everything based on its source. So two different people saying exactly the same thing have their words judged by the source, by them, or whatever group they belong to, the source rather than the words. And that explains about 90% of the "that's a false equivalency" rebu