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Falling Skies Review

I watched the first couple episodes of Falling Skies ... three episodes?.. last night, back to back. I have issues. Those issues are likely related to the fact that I read science fiction and I've seen post invasion scenarios done before. Life as we know ends. How do humans survive? How do they organize themselves. It's been done and it's been done well. It's been done and done poorly. The idea is primal. There is a reason it's an idea picked up again and again. So what happened to the other television efforts? The Event? V? My nits from the beginning of this one... Child psych... They have the kids (the kid) seeming the least able to adjust to this terrifying new world. This seems unlikely and unsupported by both anecdote and History. But it does provide a chain-jerking intro to the facts of events. I found it annoying. The hero... a History professor with an interest in military History. Nothing wrong with that. Enter the military which,

Season 5 Episode 5

Back when Sandra Bernhadt was still funny. Couldn't act, but this is still one of my favorite episodes the way it spoofs Romance novels. Way. Too. Funny. And clever, too. His "true" version of the romance novel is hysterical. "But I will... protect... what is left... of the lady's honor."

The death of sexy television

So maybe you can tell me what happened, or which are the wrong television shows I'm not watching, but whatever happened to romance, whatever happened to sexy? Granted, Highlander is sort of overboard in that department, and I'd actually like to get a male perspective on this, because Duncan Macleod seems so... purposefully beefcake-y... I mention this show to women in a completely neutral way, and if they have a clue what I'm talking about they need no prompt for a near universal response: a fraction of a second of complete stillness followed by an indrawn breath followed by some variation of, "Dang, he's hot." Now I suppose a feminist scold would insist that the guy "getting the girl" in each show is a bad thing and places the woman as a reward and we should avoid that. Are we avoiding that? Common wisdom is that there is more sex on television than ever before. Is there? And if there is, what has changed? Is it simply my imagination that in

Watching Highlander Again

Because I CAN! Bwa ha ha ha! Anyhow... I'm into season two, dreading each reappearance of Ritchie... and starting to feel guilty about that. And I generally cringe whenever they have Charlie (Charlie? DeSalva? Whatever.) try to "act like a former SEAL." And I'm probably the only person who doesn't adore Amanda. (Reminds me of Q on Star Trek.) Because I remember a great deal of most episodes I'm finding myself being a little more analytical than usual. Today I was thinking about the changes between season one and season two and happened to think of another of my favorite televisions shows... the first season of Human Target . Just the first season. In the first season of Highlander Duncan was passionately in love with a mortal woman. I don't know if someone decided to make him single, or if the actress decided to leave the show so they had to do without her, but in about episode 3 of season 2, she dies. Duncan moves away from the antique store t