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Is a person smart, but people dumb?

You know that saying… a person is smart but people are dumb? I think that in almost all of the very important ways that matter, it’s the opposite. A person is dumb. That’s why people believe there’s some magical thing about being smart. They look around them and it’s a wonder any given individual can even function. And if that’s true, and it sort of is, then how could people, in aggregate, be anything other than dumb-multiplied? So we need that super smart person who somehow can assure us that even if life is messy and scary and chaotic, that someone does know better. We don’t have to be afraid. Except that even a dumb person knows more about their own life, what they need, and what’s possible, than the smartest person who isn’t them. And the inability of that smart person to know more about any given person’s life than them… well, *that* is what multiplies. People with the freedom to make and then change any number of sub-optimal choices, to try and then fail and try again,

Children are our Future

 This one is so general purpose (and wow do people never stop trying to use kids for advocacy because then anyone who doesn't "respect" them is MEAN) that it almost doesn't need a note that the current events prompting this is Greta Thunberg's Tour of Scolding.

Sounds like a hero to me

Sounds like a hero to me. This teacher objected to the new policies in his school district (and indoctrination about why they were "good" policies) on the basis that it caused real harm to black students to be treated as if they were only capable of lower standards of behavior because of their race. It's a toxic message to send. And if it were voiced by anyone else, exact same meaning but with normal language instead of critical race theory jargon it would be just as shockingly racist as it really is. Because what it really is is this... morality and behavior is genetic, these children are less evolved. It's disgusting, damaging, and repulsive.

Fighting History

Over and over in one context and another, it seems that people today haven't anything to fight or work for and so they choose to go after History, borrow their battles from the past. It doesn't seem to matter who fought those battles and won them or that those battles have been won.  When your identity centers on activism you can't allow victories.  And so what we see is people borrowing oppression that doesn't belong to them and borrowing it from people in History.