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Senior Citizens Fight Back

OHMYGOSH . A tourist bus of senior citizens in Costa Rica fought off three men who tried to rob them. One attacker was killed. I don't think anyone should make generalizations about Costa Rica about this. I just got back from a week there and it was fabulous. What they maybe ought to do, though, is re-evaluate just who is considered an easy mark! Glenn over at Instapundit linked this story with the subject "A pack, not a herd." That's his thing, or one of his things, the power that each individual has not to be a member of a herd of prey animals. (No doubt he explains himself much better than I just did.) Is it important that this particular bus of senior citizens were American? Maybe. I donno. It could have been because one or more individuals inclined to take action just happened to be on that bus. The senior citizen who killed one attacker bare handed had been in the military. Perhaps a bus without him on it would have lacked the catalyst to act and simply handed

When Liberals Attack or What Happens When Men Are Supposed To Be Girls

Okay, first of all, it's a tiny sub-set of liberals. Still, when they do attack, it causes a cognative dissonance that makes us really notice. Recently there was an incident , perhaps you heard about it, where a young man (Stone) searched out another young man he'd never personally met (Reed Pannell) to orchestrate a confrontation. Follow these links for details . This is my explanation. Personally I think it's a reaction to modern (and liberal) ideas of manhood completely unrelated to any specific political issue. Firstly, men aren't supposed to be manly anymore. They're supposed to be like girls but with man-parts. Some people reject that balony but others, generally of the progressive and liberal feminist sort rather than the conservative and neanderthal sort, accept the view that all the man-things are bad... competitive, confrontational, physical, stuff is bad. Womanly virtues, conversation and connection, are good. (The cultural reaction to that is the soarin