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One of my kids does this art . (I asked permission to share.)

Hand-painted Fantasy Miniature Dragon

I have miniatures that I have painted myself, but this is one I bought today.  Someone had brought in an old box of miniatures to the comic book store where I go to paint and where I used to play D&D.  They were dusty and brown and *old*. This fellow caught my fancy. He's almost certainly lead instead of a newer alloy. When I turned him over I could see that a few of the scales were bright colors and the bronze paint on the underbelly had a metallic sheen, but mostly he just looked brown.   I brought him home and gave him a very gentle, soapy, bath. I just love his flat little face and jewel colored scales. Look at his scales and his long skinny neck! The fellow with a dryad I painted. Another picture of my dryad. She's one of my favorites, though I dropped her and broke her arm off several times and chipped the paint on her head more than once, too.