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Welcome the Ministry of Truth

I had something to say about what happens if we lose our doubt, our suspicion, and our ability to look for a lie because we have been conditioned to expect that everything around us has been certified safe?   And then I clicked through to the article.  I'll link it here and I won't quote the whole thing, just representatives of the points made.  You can go read it all if you still maintain a skeptical nature. First point:  "Publishers of nonfiction should have built-in, on top of the author’s fact-checking, a review process by people trained in fact-checking." The author begins with an example of a book suggesting that sunning your...butt hole every day was healthy.  I agree that this is utterly absurd.  I disagree that we need a ministry of truth to ensure that no one publishes such a silly health suggestion.  What we need is a developed and maintained skepticism, not an assurance that if something is in a "n