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Who'd have thought that "underground" involved so much UP! We climbed about 600 feet, not counting the down and back up parts, to nearly 7000ft at the top.  In between we crawled (part of it was crawling) into the Galena King Mine.  I went on this trip last fall, too, but this time I got better interior pictures of the crystal bands above our heads.  The pretty blue is Fluorite.  I'd been asked by someone to look for Wulfenite and the bright orange *might* be, but it was too far above my head to see for certain.  The only minerals of interest to our class (and to long ago miners) were the Fluorite, Galena, and Barite. looking up... men could stand on those logs, and did. The blue is fluorite, but what is bright orange and pink? Pretty darn good for a phone camera. Inside. Outside, 7000 feet up.  "Nellie Mine" shaft in the middle distance.  They dug up a lot of nothing and left a hole.  Mt. Taylor in the far distance.