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What passes for thought.

So my daughter is watching something on television, some documentary something about a peace blogger... I didn't catch the details, just a bit of the guy's speech as he's driving along in his truck. He explains that he was offended by someone or other who was excited about going off to war because what that meant was that they were going to be killing people. True enough. He explains that a huge (he said half, which I think can't be right, but I'll give him that it's a lot) part of our economy is given to the military. True enough. He explains that it's making us enemies. That he's watched as people in the world have begun to hate us. Fantasy land. Pure delusional la la fantasy land... in three parts. Firstly, that something has fundamentally changed in the attitudes of the rest of the world toward the USA; What has happened is that people have become *aware* of other's attitudes about the United States that they were not aware of before. But v