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I got interviewed by Mike Acerra

 This was fun and interesting.  Thinking with Mike Episode 13 A woman of STEAM Julie Pascal

What Cancel Culture is NOT

  Maybe we should talk about what cancel culture isn't. It's not a boycott.  It's not deciding to no longer go to a business. It's not giving a bad review for bad service. It generally involves two things. First, the offense is a matter of opinion. Second, secondary or even tertiary targets are threatened. Cancellation does not need to be successful, and often with very famous and wealthy people it is not successful. But it serves as a warning to vulnerable people who are not in a position to weather that kind of attack. The goal is terroristic in that it's about forcing social behavior in people who are not currently the subject of the attack. The message is always, this could happen to you. And the tactic invariably includes seeking out vulnerable people to threaten in order to put pressure on businesses or on the target of the attack. So it works like this: JK Rowling is invulnerable. But they can try, right? So what they do is they find out who works for the pub

Claret cup cactus


Long Overdue Chickens

 My blog description says "with chickens!" but it's been a long time since I posted any chicken pictures. So here are some roosters. 

Do you have better things to do?


The War on Work

  This comic is far more calm than I feel. Lets be real.  If I won the lottery I'd sit on my butt, preferably on a beach, and hire other people to do my work for me. Wait, hire other people to do my work for me?  But isn't "work" bad?  Isn't work a lie created by Capitalism? We only work because we've been lied to and told that we have to work. We only work because someone lied to us and told us that we needed things. So I'd hire other people to DO MY WORK?  Yes.  Because I'll still need to eat.  I'll still need to have a roof over my head. I'll still make a mess just by living and it will have to be cleaned up.   Because not working just means that someone else has to do that work for you. You're an adult and presumably at least somewhat able bodied and more or less mentally stable. You get to decide what you need and how to define success.  You get to decide how much "stuff" you need beyond a roof, clothes and food. You decide i

How "Representation" In Fiction Becomes Toxic

  Some things sound so obviously good that they don't need to be examined.  One of those things is the idea of Representation in fiction; movies, television or books.  Entertainment where some people are conspicuously absent would seem to be an obvious problem, right?  A person doesn't have to be "woke" or any sort of feminist to occasionally watch an old television show and realize (for example) that all the scientists and astronauts in an old movie are men. It's as glaring an anachronism these days as watching a show where everyone is chain smoking cigarettes. Entertainment should reflect the diverse nature of real life and society because, in the end, fiction has to be even more real than real life.  If nothing else, it makes that entertainment more interesting to introduce characters with a variety of backgrounds and challenges. And so we're told that diverse fiction is BETTER fiction. The way that this rather obvious truth is often framed, often discussed