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Walls, Wire, Bars and Souls

I was reminded of this book today and I suddenly thought, "Hey, a prison chaplain's memoir is the sort of thing a bunch of people at Lem's would probably like." So... I haven't read it, but I've heard that it's very good.

Science Fiction - The Crazy Year

Sister Time This is old. This is new. Sometime, June-ish, the science fiction and fantasy world blew up over a chain-mail bikini and a couple of old guys talking about science fiction publishing over 60 years ago in which they spoke admiringly of "lady writers" and "lady editors" and mentioned that someone or other was particularly good looking. The. World. Ended. This ancient June history is important because World Con just happened and the call for inclusive science fiction is continuing to gain strength with the article from the Guardian stating the dire state of modern science fiction.  Both articles are extremely short and informative concerning events, though I'm having trouble finding something pithy to quote from them.   Mostly, though, it's assertions of fact that are easily disputable. Science  fiction  loves a good paradox. Here's one for you: how can a genre that dreams up alien cultures and mythic races in such minute detai