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Efficient Lies

Distributed systems are always more flexible and more responsive than centralized systems. It doesn't matter what the subject is, this is always true. The current push towards centralized decision-making and authority, to emphasize groups and government instead of individuals, and to insist on the assumption that one overarching enormous system is more efficient than distributed, duplicated, and independent systems, is profoundly untrue and terrifyingly dangerous.

When Evil Pretends That It's Good, or How Dare You Not Be White.

A friend is reading a book about critical race theory or some stupid stuff. A white author writing to a white audience. The author INSISTS that it's racist to avoid having a white racial consciousness. We're SUPPOSED to have a white racial consciousness, and she knows that makes white people uncomfortable because we've been taught that this is racist, but we have to get past that and learn to identify as and think about our whiteness as our identity. Just reading a paragraph, yeah, sure, it made me more than uncomfortable. It made me angry. Yeah, sure, we've been taught that we're not supposed to do this. But part of the anger I felt was that I recognized in my own self a growing desire to give her just precisely what she was demanding of me. Good. And. Hard. I wanted to shout, FINE, I'm going to Be White, now. I'm going to think of myself that way and I'm going to LOVE IT. Idiots. Complete and utter idiots. They don't want an end to racism,