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On the Media, Democrats, Compassion and North Korea:

North Korea really exposed priorities of a whole lot of people as far as I'm concerned. The need to tear down Trump was far far more important than the people of North Korea. Who really cares about Kim? No one on the Left. Who cares about the people of North Korea? No one on the Left. Trump accomplished an unprecedented bringing together of North and South Korean leaders and all of a sudden our media and Democrats wouldn't shut up about how immoral it would be to let Kim get away with past horrors. The *solution* was to insist that those horrors continue? Or maybe they wanted us to go in for some international assassination action? But no. Just months before, just a few months before, the media and Democrats were warning about how Trump wasn't nice enough! They were horrified that Trump insulted "Rocket Man" Kim! And they were praising Kim's elegant, cosmopolitan sister at the Olympic winter games and the *delicious* way she threw shade on Vice Presi