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The Mary Sue: A Case Study

I previously posted this to Facebook. If you are watching Teen Wolf because I talked about it, don't read this because spoilers. Not awful ones, but I know it wrecks stuff if I'm anticipating something happening. Knocks me out of the story. Anyhow, I want to talk about the character, Kira. At first she works. And then, in my opinion, she stops working. And she stops working because she's a Mary Sue. Sort of a fake, artificial, logical Mary Sue but the effect ends up being the same. Which I find interesting  and possibly important from a writing point of view. If you've watched, staring in season 3, the character of Kira is introduced. Kira is a kitsune or she's possessed by a kitsune. As it gains power she loses control of it. But in the mean time it confers to her the ability to be a bad-ass sword fighter. She can control electricity as well, but doesn't do anything with it. Compared to Allyson who's back story is that starting as a very young girl

Interrogate your Shibboleths

Let's have a conversation about what humans DO. Like all other life on Earth we aggressively colonize all available ecological niches. It is, at the end, the PRIMAL VIRTUE of all life. ALL life. All life is intended to reproduce itself. It began in oceans because the water protected life from radiation. Life crawled out to the margins of the continents. Life c reated the atmosphere and the air to breathe.  Life COLONIZED every place on Earth from the highest mountain to the deepest, darkest, chemical fueled abyss. Animals pushed their limits to find places to live. The most primitive humans managed to WALK ON THEIR FEET to every extent of the whole world, across the Bering Strait and all the way to the Southern tip of South America. Humans built boats and managed to find their way to tiny DOTS of land in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Every form of life on Earth competes, steals territories, steals them back, steals STUFF, exploits niches that other life pioneered. A