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So... Hulu had some trailers for new fall shows so I watched the endless 4-5 minute trailer for the EVENT. On one level it looks sort of like fun... aliens, I suppose, and lots of fast paced action and I think it had 'sploding stuff, too. So I'm probably the target audience. I have no desire to even watch the pilot of this show. The interminable trailer was nearly 5 minutes of "neener-neener, not gonna tell you, neener-neener-neener." "Each week you'll get more clues. Each week you'll be more invested." That's what the web-site says. So. Essentially. The "teaser" has come out of the closet. The unrevealed pay-off, the mystery, is not at all mysterious but standing naked in the public square with a bag over it's head while a guy with a megaphone and top-hat bellows, "Be amazed! Be astounded! Watch as the weather and sun slowly degrade the bag making it thinner and thinner until... you find out what could be reveale