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Highlander Season Six

Okay, I know what they were thinking... spin-off.

I haven't watched season 6 episode 10 because I simply can not bear to watch it. The last three episodes, including this one, have been job interviews. Unfortunately it was all archetype and no soul. I expect more of the same.

What happened to the fabulous writing? I think it died sometime mid season 5. I realize it's too late. I realize these are old shows and it's way too late. Breaks my heart.

It's not as though it would be impossible to do "immortal female crime fighter" and do it well. But didn't they have the first clue what made Highlander so great? What made Highlander great is that the immortals are tragic figures. The episode where Mary Shelly conceives of Frankenstein got it right... so who ever wrote *that* episode understood it. The immortals are tragic. Either they suffer and endure loss after loss after loss... or they become monsters.

It wasn't *just* that Adrian Paul is the sexiest man alive, but that Duncan MacLeod was simultaneously victorious and wounded, a superman and fragile. And he was best when he loved mortals... Tess or Joe. Amanda is great, but it's not the same. Methos carried those wounds. So did Darius. Richie hadn't had time yet.

They could have done a female immortal and even made her a crime fighter, or body-guard, or bounty-hunter, or spy, and done it so it worked. If the primary focus to start hadn't been to show how kick-ass she was, and if her primary motivation for the profession wasn't to do good in the world.

Live to Kill, or Kill to Live... as one of the writers who actually understood, put it.

The obvious reason to be in a profession like that is the excuse to carry weapons, know how to get false papers and new identities, and keep track of those who might want to kill you.

Or put her at the stage the psych immortal described... when the killing finally overwhelms her and she starts to run, and run, and run, to escape it. But she can't.

That's loneliness and tragedy, being chased by those demons.

I can't watch the last episodes. I have to go back and watch something from season one, to get the foul taste out of my mouth.


You're right about Amanda. That's what bothered me about her. She's too shallow and facile. Maybe that's why she hasn't self-destructed?

As to Duncan killing Richie - the actor was visibly continuing to mature. I supposed that's why they had to do it, assuming that they thought the series would go on. It was a bit of a shockeroo though.

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