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Zoe Quinn

Well, it looks like Zoe Quinn wasn't getting enough attention lately (people who actually don't create anything worthwhile in the world often have this problem) and decided that she needed to find herself some victimhood to become important again. Which meant finding a person to destroy while her toadies and sycophants worshiped her bravery.

The fellow she destroyed killed himself.

You know... anyone with any understanding of human nature watched her during the early gamer-gate times and what they saw is someone who was self-aggrandizing to the extent that anyone working on inclusion and social justice who didn't *go through her first* was put on the list for destruction.

She was like the mafia don and you had to go to her first and get her blessing or she'd find some fault in your program to promote women and your plans to support trans people and she'd sic her mob on you.

She suffered no competition in her supreme righteousness.

I never thought that my sentiments were on the wrong side of those kerfuffles and the primary reason was that she was accepted as the standard bearer, the arbiter of who'd live and who'd die.

And she never actually created anything worthwhile or contributed anything to *anything* other than her own importance.

And it wasn't a secret. It was right out there in public, front and center. And she still collected that power and controlled that mob. I mean, any particular *person* can be understood to be ultimately self-interested. But what sort of garbage excuses for human beings *follow* her?


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