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Interrogate your Shibboleths

Let's have a conversation about what humans DO. Like all other life on Earth we aggressively colonize all available ecological niches. It is, at the end, the PRIMAL VIRTUE of all life. ALL life. All life is intended to reproduce itself. It began in oceans because the water protected life from radiation. Life crawled out to the margins of the continents. Life created the atmosphere and the air to breathe. 

Life COLONIZED every place on Earth from the highest mountain to the deepest, darkest, chemical fueled abyss. Animals pushed their limits to find places to live. The most primitive humans managed to WALK ON THEIR FEET to every extent of the whole world, across the Bering Strait and all the way to the Southern tip of South America. Humans built boats and managed to find their way to tiny DOTS of land in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Every form of life on Earth competes, steals territories, steals them back, steals STUFF, exploits niches that other life pioneered. And humans aren't just an apex predator, we're THE apex adapter. The ability to adapt and to adopt is our most important virtue. And it is a VIRTUE.

Turning adaption and adoption into SINS and turning the primal migratory compulsion of life into a SIN is twisted beyond belief. And it's suicide. Or would be if it was possible to ever make it work though repetition by ding-bats like Tyson.


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