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Gun Laws - do you know what you know?

 They didn't really talk about Feinstein's bill at all in this piece. Colion Noir is always good, though. So watch it.

My take away is this, and it's made obvious the last couple of days talking to people who ask what is wrong with the House bills.

ALL of this depends on your ignorance of what the current laws are and it's designed that way. The polls that gun control advocates cite are dependent on the people who respond being ignorant of what the current gun laws are. The media deliberately misinforms you about those laws. Gun control advocates depend on you being misinformed.

1) The definition of "assault rifle" is primarily (if not wholly) cosmetic.
2) Magazine capacity is irrelevant for people committing crimes or mass shootings.
3) ALL commercial sales already require a back ground check.
4) Private sales to anyone who you know cannot buy a gun or have reasonable expectations is a sketchy dude are already illegal.
5) All firearms purchased "through the mail" must be delivered to a licensed gun dealer who is required to perform a back ground check.
6) Controlling ammo sales is fascist bullship. Shooting often enough to be proficient and safe with your firearm consumes more ammo than you can imagine so knock it off.
I invite everyone to watch Colion Noir's video and if you're not, to subscribe to his You Tube.


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