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I've got news for you Babs

"Streisand noted that "the artist's role is to disturb,""

Oh really?

Of all the emotions that an artist can envoke, "disturb" is the easiest. It's the cop out. It's the artistic angst of youth that mistakes "disturbing" for art just because it gets a reaction from your elders and lends a guilty thrill to your peers.

What is the artists role? To make us think, certainly. To illuminate the world.

When did art become more pure the more people it could repel?

Interestingly the article describes Babs' Bush skit as only a little bit funny and too long and the audience's response as subdued.


Ymarsakar said…
The role of the artist is to criticize and lampoon the military, while being protected by the military. The role of Theo Van Gogh is to be sacrificial lambs, to support the military motto of liberty and freedom, while not being protected from the killers by the military.

Who is the real artist, Theo or Hollywood? Not hard for me to say.

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