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Virginia Tech : A mother's reaction

I plan to arm my children.

Fighting back is always safer, over all. And it doesn't necessarily have to involve having a gun to shoot back with. What it requires is a MINDSET of self-defense and action.

It's bad form to point out what people who are now dead or wounded should have done because invariably someone is going to charge that they are being blamed for what happened to them. Let's be clear. This is one person's fault and one person's fault only.

But no one is helpless.

My family has been studying martial arts for the last two years and I'm well aware of just how little that means *physically*. Mentally is something else. No one with sense would bring a karate chop to a gun fight. The mindset of self-defense, on the other hand, (and the first principle is "run away") is vital. Take action. If you can't run, Fight back.

As we're hearing about this, it seems that any time someone *did* something, they saved lives.


Ymarsakar said…
This somehow reminds me of Cally in John Ringo's novels.

Teaching a young girl skills in demolitions. What kind of world is that? A very harsh and lethal world.
Synova said…
You know, I haven't actually read those.

I have a copy of _Cally's War_ though and I know who you're talking about.

Oh, second thought, I might have read _Hymn Before Battle_. Cally wasn't in it much.
Ymarsakar said…
It was Gust Front or the third, Devil Dances, I believe.
Nilk said…
Synova I did about 10 years of tae kwon do and a further 2-3 years of kung fu.

I've not done any training in years, but when you have a solid foundation, the basics never go away.

When I did kung fu, I had to translate those blocks and strikes that were the same as tkd into korean! It was confusing at first, but you can get the hang of it.

I've also found that it gives you an attitude where people rarely seem to want to take you on, which suits me fine.

I'm back at gym, and intend later on to go back to martial arts. I've got mates who run schools that specialise in weapons, and I'll be looking into that.

My rugrat will be taking up martial arts in the next year, as any time before 5 is too young.

When she's between 10-12 she'll be joining the gun club.

There are no excuses in this day and age for not taking steps to protect yourself.

Nobody else will.

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