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Harry Dresden

I've said before... the Dresden Files is a great show. The writing is fabulous. The actors are perfect.

So now I've read one of Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden books.

They aren't the same. There's a bit of difference in the set-up, but not much. There were changes made in the setting that really were necessary to bring this from book form to television. For example, in the book he's usually in his apartment, which does have a basement. But it's really small. On television he has an office with a kitchenette and a basement and a loft where he sleeps. It doesn't open into a hallway but opens out to the street. I think that was necessary.

Anyhow, I read _Proven Guilty_ which seems to be well along in the chronology. Even without reading the earlier books it worked. There were lots of references to earlier stories but I think the reaction, when I read them, will be "way cool, this is the one with Thomas in it" rather than being annoyed that I already know what happens.

We will see. I will certainly read more of them.


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