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Past time for another post

Obviously I pretty much suck at this "post every day" idea.

I've been trying to work on my writing a bit. Other than that, not much is going on. Got a clothes line up today. Seriously, this is my exciting life.

I didn't get a copy of the New Harry Potter book though I'm sure I will eventually.

This You Tube Video of people at a Harry Potter Bookstore party is good, if more than silly.


Ymarsakar said…
Why don't you post your stories here on this blog, Synova?

It's hard to find stuff to write about, that I haven't already commented on, personally. For me, the muse is always an instantaneous inspiration event.
Synova said…
I don't post my stories on the blog for two reasons. First, I have trouble finishing stuff. Secondly, what I do finish I hope to sell.

With short stories, at least, there's the issue of whether or not this would count as publication. For a novel (not that I've ever finished one of those) it wouldn't really be an issue at all.

But I'll think about it. I might have something I can put up.
Ymarsakar said…
I keep thinking that these first publication rights are screwed too loose. Advertisement already knows that if you give out free tastes on the first drop, the second one attracts more paying customers. They keep trying to pay for advertisement.

A new author has a big problem in that he needs a loyal following but that requires time, marketing, and paid advertisement somewhere. That's why I tend to think publishers are always careful about taking risks with new authors, because they almost never know if they hit the jackpot or hit snake eyes.

A loyal following already established without paid advertisement, should sort of alleviate those fears of market failure.

Synova, to be absolutely clear, are you saying the novel being posted would violate first rights absolutely?
Synova said…
No. The opposite. With a novel it wouldn't be an issue, as I understand it. I suppose there are differences between novel publishers but self-published novels can be sold and sometimes are.

It's the short story market that wants to buy first publication rights. Very few will say they accept stories that have been published elsewhere. The question of putting a story on a blog or website is still somewhat up in the air. Does that count as "published?"

Some of the best short science fiction magazines are e-zines these days. They are the ones that pay the best too. In any case it seems clear that paper need not be involved at all for something to be published.

I think that most of the authors who do put up their own stories, put up stories that they don't intend to sell or else stories that were sold and that they either got the rights back again or got permission from the publication to put up on a website.
Synova said…
I'm looking into getting a website up. There are a few things I think I could post but they'd be really long to try to stick on a blog.

I'll see how it goes and if it works I can put a link from here.
Ymarsakar said…
I did a little bit of research in the subject of First Publication Rights because I wrote a post concerning Fel's stories and whether he could publish them or not on Baen.

Baen has published books such as Meish Merlin's line, that was published first somewhere else. I just tend to think that publication rights is a bureacracy issue when it deals with online postings. After all, the publisher needs to make more money than they spend on an author. And they would make the most if that author was already known and already had a following, or already had experience by receiving feedback and editing from his community.

They're missing out on one good talent at least, in my view, due to the lack of tradition/laws concerning what publishers should do about self-published internet authors that don't receive money for their work.

Eric Flint would probably be the biggest fan and supporter of such projects, given his Baen free e-book library.

There are a few things I think I could post but they'd be really long to try to stick on a blog.

What about email? That would circumvent the internet posting problem. Do you have any stories you might wish to send out on email in pure document form?
Synova said…
So, I was going through my documents files looking for something and came across a story I'd written for an SF-romance contest. It didn't win and I didn't like it but I read it again and I like it a whole lot more now.

So I posted it to the Baen Universe slush for crits. ;-)

"Distant Stars" with my real name.
Anonymous said…
I'll try and look it up, if I can remmeber my login info.
Synova said…
Cool :-)

So far no one really likes it much. *sigh*

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