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Airman Christina Valla thinks that no one knows her dark secret yet shortly after enlisting in the military she's pulled into the blackest of black ops. Trained from childhood to keep her demons at bay she resists, but ultimately fails. She is the only one strong enough to defeat the man who has run this black op for a lifetime and to rescue the Special Forces unit he has betrayed even if she loses her soul while doing it. Broken in spirit she learns that it's not the weapon but how it is used that defines good and evil.

Christina Valla is a Norse shapshifter-trance walker. A berserker. Unlike the others pulled into the black op she has always known. Unlike the others she has never had an episode. The ability is heritable and her line is not diluted, not in intensity nor in knowledge of her history, of Red Thor who prefers that blood flow and the White Christ who made it stop.


Anonymous said…
Okay, okay, you said she's had training since childhood, but---she's always known about the ability and NEVER tried it out?

Don't know many children, now, do you? ;)
Synova said…
I'm taking the easy out... it doesn't manifest until after puberty. ;-)

Not that teenagers are known for their self-restraint, but they are known (or should be) for a strong sense of purpose. They're natural crusaders with strong loyalties that aren't mucked up with all the shades of gray we learn to live with as adults.

:-) And Thanks for visiting. I hope you're enjoying reading my posts.

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