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Times like these

I get e-mailings from Glimmer Train Press. I keep meaning to send them a short memoir type thing I have that is arguably "literary". Anyhow... The e-mail announcing the latest contest deadlines begins...
In these times, we have to keep our eyes on the things that matter most: the life and health of our families, our communities, the planet.
These times? What is that? Mondays?

Oh, I'm fairly certain I know what "these times" is referring to, but I still get a chuckle out of the assumption that those receiving the e-mail will find some connection with that opening statement.

I've talked about assumptions before. And at least Glimmer Train was euphemistic enough that it was amusing rather than annoying.

I'm annoyed enough to stop clicking on Making Light just to check to see if maybe there is something useful about publishing or writing science fiction posted. I've been directed to good threads there about publishing with links from other people but waiting for those links might be my best option because I'm only finding politics when I look, and mostly the "aren't conservatives imbeciles" sort. Knowing that the authors are a couple of the major science fiction editors in the business makes me wonder... does the blog exposure effectively thin their workload of manuscripts containing unwanted ideology?

Well, it can't annoy me if I don't look.


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