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No Post since September!!

What have I been up to? Geez Louise.

My husband turned 42 last week. This means that come May he'll have been married for HALF HIS LIFE.

I started playing EverQuest 2 again. Catch me on Crushbone server. I'd love to chat. Leave some mail for Synova or check to see if Pyama is logged on.

I bought... Dungeons and Dragons... character creation box kit... and now the Monster Manual. Like I don't have enough time sucks in my life? What? Or enough ways to spend money I don't have? Having never ever done this before I'm trying to figure out an adventure for the kids. Throughout the hours and hours of rolling characters and trying to figure out what any of it means I kept thinking, "It sure would be less work just to play EverQuest."

(WoW blows... just saying.)

My oldest kid and I went to our first D&D game (run by someone else, praise Ehlonna) last night. My role play needs some working on. The DM asked me about three times (as a High Cleric I happened to meet) what I was doing in town and all I could come up with was, "Um... shopping?"


Ymarsakar said…
Funny stuff.

When I was young, I was hooked on the Legend of Kyrandia series on the old 486 computers. Back in the days just before the Pentium.

Those puzzle games were very fun, and it required some feats of logic that I didn't have, so I had to make things up as I went along.

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