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NaNoWriMo starts on Saturday

And I'm going to do it again. :-)

Last year I went with the "give yourself permission to write total crap" theory of circumventing the internal editor. It worked like a dream until I got to 20K words (the month long goal is 50K), looked at the story I had and thought, "Hey, this isn't half bad."

I didn't write another word.

This time I have a plan and most of a novel length plot, including the end. I expect it to be a first draft, but decent, and intend to finish and *market* this book. Sure, it will be my first ever time getting to the end of even a first draft of a novel, but that's what the participation in NaNo is about.

The average novel in science fiction is generally between 80 and 100K words, so 50K isn't very long, really. If I have to I'll write summaries of what happens with the intent of going back and fleshing it out later.

I'm really excited about this story. I'm shooting for a planet hopping shoot'em-up, with super spy-assassins and cybernetic (sort of) police investigators (sort of), with just a slight noir feel to it. Just a little bit Blade Runner. It even ended up having android (sort of) sex dolls. It's got evil scientists splattered on walls, a semi-sane telepath, monogamy inducing gene-splices, and puppies.

Woo HOoo!!


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