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Baby Phalanopsis

I finally got my orchids all repotted.  Poor neglected things.  It's been too long.

Remember my Phals?
 This is what they looked like last winter.  This is a good window for them.  It's north facing so I've got a four tube fluorescent shop light above them.  It's really hard to find the sweet spot for sunlight in windows anyway, so this is ideal.  It also gets really chilly next to the glass once it starts getting cold out.  This says "Hey, bloom now!"

You can see that they're growing right out of the pots.

 My friend gave me this phal because she didn't know what to do with it.  Phalanopsis sometimes grow keikis (babies) on the bloom stem.  These had roots so I just cut them apart.  I considered putting them together in a pot with the parent plant, but changed my mind.

 The next three pictures show how badly my phalanopsis needed to be repotted.  After I took this one out of the pot I decided  to cut the plant off at about the level of the top of the pot.  Then I removed about four or five leaves from the bottom because I wanted to get the roots between them down into the pot.   I put all the phals as low into the pots as I could so they'd have room to grow upward for a year or two.

This is the only one of mine that had a baby plant.   I didn't try to separate it from the parent plant.  I put them both in a pot slightly on their side so that the plant crowns would be next to each other and have room to grow.  Both already had bloom spikes growing.


Big Mike said…
Hey Synova! You got a mention on Sarah Hoyt's blog! Thought you'd like to know.

We miss you on Althouse. 8-(
Big Mike said…
PS: I read further down your blog. I envy your father his hot rod. My Mustang is more comfy and at 305 hp probably more powerful. But I'm envious.
Synova said…
I just noticed your comments. I did see Sarah's mention on her blog. Thanks. :)

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