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Oberlin retrospective

It seems like such a weird thing. Ten years ago getting accused of racism was the worst possible thing. Anyone I knew did everything they could to avoid it and even the merest suggestion would create incredible stress. It was the *worst* thing that could happen to your reputation.

Now, well, a lot of people stopped caring so much because the accusations became the default, and attached to anything and everything that had nothing at all to do with race. (If everyone is racist, then no one is.) And then even the definition changed so racism wasn't dependent on opinions or actions anymore but simply on who you are... or who you weren't. The woke happily carry on with their public theater of racist confession because it requires nothing of them, no change in their behavior because they aren't (in their mind) actually guilty of anything. It's all show.

So when they go on to accuse someone of a "long history of racism" they aren't any more serious than if they were confessing their own long history of racism, which doesn't bother them at all because they're LYING.

"Well, why does it bother you if it's not true?"

"The fact that you're so mad means that you must be racist."

How exactly does that work? A 90 year old man isn't supposed to be bothered by a FALSE attack on his reputation, he's only hurt and angry if the attack is true?

"You must be racist if you don't accept this injustice toward yourself for the greater good. Compared to what people of color have gone through, this is just an inconvenience and the fact that your inconvenience is more important than All Of History, just proves how racist you are."

I could channel "woke" all day long but I still can't quite get my mind around how a person GETS there.


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