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The Last Jedi Sucks

The never-ending saga of people insisting that you must love the dumpster fire of The Last Jedi goes on and on.  A "real" comic artist just wrote up a four panel comic warning women of "red flags" about guys they meet in fandom and proposed a test... find out if they loved The Last Jedi.  Points?  1) Was Canto Bight pointless.  2) Should Holdo have told Poe her plan.  and 3) Was Rose Tico useless and poorly acted.

These three things prove that 1) A person doesn't understand the connection of theme and plot.  2) Men need to face the consequences of their actions, and 3) he's probably a racist who hates women.

I will never tire of explaining all the myriad ways that The Last Jedi sucks. 

Was Canto Bight pointless?  In one sense it was one of the more fun parts and it was the only planet hopping that really happened in a franchise known for ridiculous planet hopping.  But what ever potential it had was wasted.  Part of the cringe were the words that the script put in Rose's mouth.  This was not her fault.

Was Holdo a stupidly stupid excuse for a leader?  Yes.  And having had even a smidge of military experience made her character and actions nearly unbearable.  Again, not the actor.  That a war hero was on the base originally meant that it was *impossible* that she and Poe didn't know each other. They would have *dined*.  This is not up for disagreement.  That she was a war hero with apparently no ability to manage a garden variety "hot shot" is absurd.  In fact, in the end, every single plot necessary action she took was in service to Poe's ham handed character arc, in service to the male character who seems to be one of the very few with an actual character arc.  It was, in the end, all about Poe.  But it was stupid.

Was Rose pointless and poorly acted?  No.  She was pointless and poorly *written*.  The writers and the director of The Last Jedi chose to "ship" the minority characters and turn both Rose and Fen (who had the potential to be *significant*to the story line,) into comedy relief.  And they stuck Rose with the single most horrifyingly saccharine line in the whole movie and had her deliver it in a contrived scene that made no sense at all... because of *course* she was going to stop Fen from being heroic because of *course* she didn't even notice all the people behind her getting slaughtered, people she'd known for years.  She knew them, even if we didn't.  And that's what the writers and director decided to do with it all.

The movie sucks.


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