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The Intersectionalist High Church

           It seems to me that the "conversation" about Black Lives that is focused on intersectionality is focused on doctrine to the exclusion of life itself; the exclusion of physical, actionable life itself. Rather than focus on how people live or even what they think and feel, the focus is on confession, language, and conversion to a doctrine.
           Someone asked if what was going on was a religion.
           Not only is it a religion but it can't even really be discussed without using religious terms.
           There's a Church, now, more concerned with exclusivity than with reform. More concerned with an Inquisition than with reform. It's not that some people are going to do it all wrong, are going to address Black Lives wrong, but that anyone outside of the Fellowship can not be ALLOWED to address problems which nearly everyone, to a person, agrees upon.
           Not because their ideas are bad.
           Not because they don't hate racism.
           Not because they aren't focused on practical or even utilitarian change.
           But because they aren't "of the body". They haven't confessed the faith.
           I've said before and often that "woke" and SJW's, the ideas of White Privilege are toxic, harmful, self-important and ultimately disastrous ideologies. There's no *mechanism* for reform. Only confession and a sort of public theater where the "believers" hammer out the number of angels on the head of a pin, except they really mean it instead of viewing it in a Historically accurate way as a game of logic and intellectual practice. As IF perfection of doctrine will spark a spontaneous regeneration of human nature.
          This is instead of focusing on the personal, the individual, the practical, and sometimes messy. This is instead of allowing chaos and heresy and a true LOW CHURCH solution to a profoundly human and fundamental problem.
          And when someone wants to pick up the issue of the day with a practical sensibility they're called racist or other names by people so tied up in their OWN value that they can't imagine sitting down in the dirt and simply *being* with other people and trying to win a single soul.


Ron Robertson said…
Thank you, a very interesting and thoughtful writer you are.
Uncle Ron from Australia.
Rad4Cap said…
"because they aren't "of the body"."

Ah, Star Trek - prescient as always:

Zonie said…
When Christianity is subverted by the Pope then evil is sanctioned by those falesely claiming to be of the Christian faith will and are speaking as false prophets.
DougLoss said…
You really ought to read this essay. It is amazingly illuminative:

The Cult Dynamics of Wokeness
Micha Elyi said…
...sort of public theater where the "believers" hammer out the number of angels on the head of a pin...

Interestingly, the medieval Catholic scholastics never bothered about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. That slur was invented by a 19th century anti-Christian polemicist, a Protestant.
Synova said…
I thought that the angels on the head of a pin thing was a rhetorical exercise for students at university and not meant to be taken as important in any sense other than a prompt to examine the question of the intersection between spiritual and physical beings.
Harry said…
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