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They wrote "ANTI" on it.

 I wanted to play with my new tablet a little bit because I won't get a chance for a while, so this is rough.  Still, it's something that I've been thinking about a lot and trying to figure out how to say in a way that is the most clear.

Creating a label of "ANTI" and applying it to something is meaningless.  How often does someone say, "Antifa can't be fascist, it's right in the name?"

So? And?

I can call myself the Queen and it won't make me Harry's grandmother now will it.

Along with the ridiculousness of "antifa" is the notion of "anti-racism", which if you examine it differs from "equality" in that it requires and demands a retaliatory racism.  There's nothing "anti" about it in any sense other than a mirror image.

Which would work too,  I suppose.  Anti-fa is a mirror image of fascism.  Anti-racism is a mirror image of racism.

In any case, here's my messy drawing of something that is certainly not a cattle car, impossible.  After all, someone wrote "ANTI" on it.


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