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The fundamental point of division.


The fight has never been between good people or bad, or compassion or not, or racism or equality.

It's always been the individual vs. the collective.
Group politics, race theory, gender studies, demands for nationalized services, healthcare, universal welfare, and the destruction of individual rights, even something we'd never have imagined under threat such as free speech, the press, or the simple right to participate in the economy.
The people accused of racism aren't racist you know, they're just not collectivist. They view every person as an individual, the same as they view themselves. Every individualist is a feminist because they believe in individual rights and equality, not group judgements. But they'll be called a sexist or misogynist. Racism is officially not about anyone's personal biases or beliefs or behaviors any longer. It's about your group. It's about compliance to a collectivist outlook on all issues.
Lets be certain to address our divisions where they EXIST rather than wasting time addressing those divisions where they manifest.


Anonymous said…
Excellent point and succinct. I have often wondered about this - though not as pointedly as you.
It has always struck me as odd that people will express their individuality by doing and dressing as all the fashionable people.
'Isms' are very attractive to group-thinking as they shift responsibility?
"I was just doing it 'cause everyone else was."
"I was just following orders."
The Banality of Evil.
If Existentialism is Catholicism without God, then GroupThink is anti-existentialism.
No Responsibility, No God, Just the Collective.

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