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Lay the Laws Flat

Too many people believe that history has a Direction and as long as they're on the right side of it that what they propose will never turn around and come back on them, it can't. It can't come back at them because they are the good guys. And governing by whim and moral outrage is all about the bad guys.

In the passage with Moore they're really not talking about the devil, they're talking about worldly human opponents. And the argument is that they are bad. No one actually thought that they were going to take Satan into a court of law and do something about it. It was just a way of saying, but what if we are talking about truly bad ideas and truly bad politics?

And I'd say that absolutely every dictatorship and totalitarian horror began as a call for righteousness and the need to protect the people from a dire threat.

What that threat was changes from place to place and time to time. But it always comes down to needing the power to do something about those bad people.

Now it's out loud public calls to control information for the greater good because some people are saying things that are supposedly not true and that's bad and certainly we should be able to control for the greater good.

They aren't even talking about the devil at this point they're just talking about people saying things that they believe are untrue. Or people saying things that undermine public trust and confidence in the system.


And for that people are saying in public out loud, that we should lay our laws flat, because certainly our laws are not intended to protect annoying people.

It's insane.


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