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Strong Female Characters

Time to talk about Strong Female Characters again.

I actually saw that shortened to SFC. Time to talk about SFC's again.

Because there is a blow-up about a remake of a kid's cartoon and everyone is on about "Teela and the Masters of the Universe" and a couple of people have pointed out an element of the story that does seem rather odd as it's described:

Does anyone care about spoilers?

Prince Adam dies. According to what people are saying, Teela's "take away" on this is the need to berate his parents, fresh in their grief at the loss of their only child, that no one told her that he was He Man. She has a tantrum and leaves. She stays mad. She resists the call to be a hero when the universe is going to be destroyed. Later she treats Prince Adam badly. Or so I'm hearing.

Tell me I've heard wrong.

But the charge that her response when finding out that she'd been kept in the dark is self-absorbed, that tracks with the current trend to portray SFC's as asserting their feelings and their interests to the forefront and demanding that other people respect them. Otherwise known as being a self-centered b*tch. Complaining does no good without an example of Strong Female Character done well. Zoe Washburne.


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