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Jackie Chan! Jet Li!

Oh, Rapturous Joy!

Fixed link?


Ymarsakar said…
Something special about this?
Synova said…

Oh, okay. Not everyone is a kung fu junkie I suppose. And our differences make the world a more interesting place. ;-)
Ymarsakar said…
I have nothing against Bruce Lee, I admire him actually, but these kung fu movies just take too long in fights. It don't take that long to kill somebody and even hardened warriors get tired of swinging the sword against a horde of enemies eventually.

There's always that delicate balance between style and efficiency. Lawfare, for example, is a style and is the system by which a style is maintained. That style being self-deterministic and totally arbitrary. Efficiency, however, deals completely and only with the facts on the ground and with the situation as both what it is and what you want it to be.
blake said…
It got yanked. :-(
Synova said…
blake said…
Maybe it's just me?
Synova said…
OH, you meant the trailer.

I thought you meant the movie!!

I'll see if I can find a new one that works.
blake said…
No, I meant Jackie Chan and Jet Li! Completely vanished!!
blake said…
Well, did you see it?

We liked it!
Synova said…
It was great.

I thought the American kid did a very good job as well, despite the complaining about him. I think he was cast because he *can* do martial arts and not because he's a great actor but I thought his acting was fine.

Sparrow was great.

Jackie Chan and Jet Li were wonderful, as always. I didn't recognize their alter-egos at first and didn't know the one character was Jackie until the end. And I didn't see the "twist" coming at with the Monkey King even though it was established quite well before hand.

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